Thursday, June 11, 2009

Skin care dilemmas

This picture has nothing to do with anything really, it's just quite cool. The photographer is Robert Jaso. 


Another great pic. This is completely up my via in every way. By Jose Luis Tabuena.

We've been trying to finish renovating our kitchen which is why it takes me forever to get back here. Plus I am so easily distracted on the web. For the last few weeks it's been the trials of Britain's Got Talent and I know I should be ashamed to say that. I haven't ever succumbed to reality TV before and I may never again but for the brief dalliance, it was fun. These were my favourites and I was so pleased they won.

Just now I've been looking on thinking that I might buy some skincare.I can't seem to get the link to work, so it's best just put that in and then get to the right site. I dont know why this and so many other things in life eludes me. Anyway, there are so many products and I thought I might try something new, but really I've just ended up feeling a little overwhelmed. Then I came across this site:  Beautiful Reviews which reviews all sorts of skin care and make up products. I haven't found one product that they rate after 15 minutes of reading. All I could glean was that they seem rather obsessed with something called peptides. And anti aging, which they seem to rate everything in light of. Truly, I don't care about that, I am aging, and as long as it's happening gracefully I don't care if it's happening! I had a naturopath once who had been putting olive oil on her face for 25 years and she looked fantastic. Of course she also had regular colonics every year which no doubt helped. Clean from the inside out and all that! I did dabble in that some years ago and I must say that it did do wonders for my skin and my eyes also looked very sparkly. I guess that could be an idea for the impending wedding. People always think they have to go to the gym or get the personal trainer etc and while that is all good, perhaps a colonic on the sly could assist with a little extra glow on the day! Just don't talk about it over dinner! ha ha x