Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some friends and I have started our own book club (so hot right now I know) and this is our first book. It was written in French originally and beautifully so, I'm sure, as a large portion of the book is about the use of language, both written and spoken. I'm loving it as it's one of those books that illuminates one on many levels. Not just with the story itself but with all the dense subtext. I think it almost needs to be read twice, the second time to really take in the thoughts and interests of the characters. There are references to all levels of culture, like this as an example: Dido's Lament by British composer Henry Purcell. For listening not looking.

Anyway, it makes me think it would be nice to be more cultured. We do our best and there's only so much one can fit in with a business and a child, but all the same it would be lovely to visit Paris or New York soon and soak up the scene! 

Could this be lingerie for stones? 

I need to get back to drawing. This isn't mine, it's by Guido Crepax. A fantastic illustrator of all things tantalising and erotic. Only
peek here if you're game and won't think badly of me! 

Here are some pics of my bride, the lovely Sarah R. Her dress was made from silk satin with silk chiffon on the top layer. There were panels down the front and the hem was quite full and swishy. It was designed specifically for her and I think she looks great in it. The bodice was draped with pleated chiffon and the belt has a squiggly French lace and vintage beads on it. I do love chiffon. It's romantic and fun and even though it's delicate it can be glam without being too precious.