Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Nice Wedding

Here are some pics of one of my brides - Helen - and her wedding. I don't usually include many pics from the whole wedding. Well, I usually don't get to see them either, but this time I did and I really like the whole feel of it.

Helen did almost everything herself I think. The cupcakes, the flowers, she made little scented birds and coconut ice to give as gift packages to all the guests. She printed all the paper herself too. I know that's probably a stressful thing to take on, but then again, if you're looking for something charming I wonder if that's the only way to achieve it.

Helen is a slightly bohemian looking girl in a late 60's, early 70's way to my mind, very creative and her husband was a muso so I had these visions in my head that she should look luminous and kind of like a maiden from the Renaissance period.

Her dress was in blushes, golds and champagne colours. Silk satin and silk chiffon. I used one of my favourite French laces that is rather heavily embellished with silk tulle and crystal beads. We did drapery around the waist to show off her great curves and of course there was lots of movement and fullness at the hem. I think she looks gorgeous.

They were married at Neilson Park in Sydney, which is one of my favourite beaches. Anyway, you can see how it all looked below.

The photographer was Marzena. She did a great job I think.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I think we all have a period, an epoque if you like, that we perhaps could have lived if not now. I have a few. I would loved to have been out and about in the late 1800's, still young and fabulous at the turn of the century and then of course retaining that youthfulness in the 20's. I would gladly have been around in the late 1700's if I could have been friends with Sarah Bernhadt. None of this in Australia though of course. In Europe.

Anyway, everyone can relate to the aesthetics of one time or another. Some girls who come to the studio look to me like they could easily channel a Jean Harlowe feel, while others would suit better Grace Kelly. I think it's good to think of that when deciding on a look for yourself. As a starting point anyway, obviously we want to modernise things and move along.

Which brings me to my bride Sarah who got married late last year. She wanted a 50's feel and she chose and bought the daisy fabric herself. I did the rest while she kept urging me to add more and more tulle. Sarah actually had one of the smallest waists that I've ever made a bridal dress for, not that I can remember it off the top of my head now, but it was little! So the fullness in the skirt only accentuated it, which is perfect.

The 50's was all about miniature measurements really, for things like waists at least and a style like this would not look as good if the waist were not significantly smaller than the rest of the bits.

Anyway, the underdress was made form a silk dupion. The bodice was boned and did up with buttons at the back.

There are two colours of tulle over the top (ivory and lemon) and then the top layer is a devore daisy pattern. There are tulle pleats and tutu like pieces underneath also to give it the swing.

This is my favourite photo. I love the swing of the skirt and the Combi. And also the fact that she had a look in mind and was obviously so particular about it all being just so.

Plus she was fun to work with. x

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Year

I'm ashamed to discover how long it's been since I've posted anything. I think I must have been so caught up with all the Christmas brides and getting all our work done and unable to think of much else. Then the New Year. This is the year of being slim... and healthy and cultured and much more personally glamourous than usual.

Oh and I've discovered Twilight (a thousand years after everyone else I realise, which is usual for me and things that are popular culture) so that has kept me busy for the last 3 weeks. I've got all my girlfriends onto them as well. Just so we can share the burden of our shame and guilt and of course our love for Edward Cullen!

But enough of that.

Here is my bride Gillian, who got married last last year. She was a lovely girl, quite softly spoken but bossy in the nicest way. At our first fitting I could tell that she had a clear vision in her head of how she wanted to look and having just received her photos I'm impressed. She looks completely wonderful I think.

Her dress was made from heavy silk satin

With a French lace bodice

All the maids look good too

Her belt and bow was made from a pale gold satin

She also had a great hairdo...
and a great photographer.