Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have started a great book. I think our book club has waned a little. Some of us broke off and read Twilight and some of us didn't like the next book (The Gathering) and some didn't even bother to read it (me) after no one said anything good about it. And on the night we were supposed to discuss the virtues of it, we were all too busy. So it seems to have lost momentum. However I think I have found the book to revive it. I loved it from the first page.

It's set in Turkey in the 70's and is about a man who falls in love with someone he shouldn't and he starts a collection of objects to remind him of his love. That's all I really know so far and of course I'm sure it's about much more than that. It's translated from Turkish and is beautifully written and great fodder for daydreaming!

Anyway, back to brides (instead of having affairs), below are some girls from the recent and not so recent past. I forget that I have some pics of girls buried in emails and the like. I feel a bit guilty as I can't remember some of their names. A couple are from a year or more ago so maybe that's forgivable seeing as there have been so many girls since then.

Common themes, if there are any - natural white, unfussy design, breezy and to wear? Something like that...

Fiona in silk satin georgette

She had great legs

Some nice chiffon action from the back

A simple but effective back detail

Nellie on the beach in Silk Jersey

A Roman Holiday

Julie in Chantilly lace

Daria with a splash of colour

Not bad for 7 months pregnant


Monday, March 1, 2010


I need to be more creative. I need to pay more attention too and not forget to change the daggy typeface that I first type this blog in, like my last entry.

Anyway, my girlfriend Tiara has decided that this is the year of an interior life. The year to do something more closely connected to things one feels passionate about and to nourish oneself. Well, I've expanded on that last bit but I'm sure she agrees. So I'm going to join her on that and do something too. She's going to write a short story a month and I'm going to......... mmmm

I don't know what. Yet.

I have to the end of the month to do it, but I know better than anyone that that will come around in a flash. So far she has given me some great reference to be inspired. Which I have been. Once I got over feeling completely uncreative by comparison!

Embarking on this project means I will have to give up on my love affair with Edward Cullen. (Don't read the daggy inscription at the bottom of the picture.)

And then of course also his alter ego, the absolutely divine Robert Pattinson. Yes shame, guilt and all that. I know it's embarrassing...

So below is something to kick start me off. Nature themes. Butterflies mostly. The black butterflies are the work of Carlos Amorales who I think did an installation in Dior Homme. I'm not sure who the others are I'm sorry.

I think I would need more than a month to do anything even remotely like these. I might have to work my way up to that. Plus I don't want to do butterflies. I'll think up my own themes. The idea is to make things that relate vaguely to what I do that I can just put around my studio. Maybe make window displays out of them and so on. I just want to tinker with my sewing machine and fabrics and make things that are purely for interest and fun. Well, in theory I do.

Anyway now that I've said I'm going to do it, I have to do it.....

I especially love these birds

And also this piece is very beautiful

Sorry Edward, Robert. It breaks my heart to say good bye. Truly