Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Here are some interesting offerings from the catwalks to inspire us to think of drapery. There are versions of these that would be fun to wear as wedding frocks. Longer and simpler perhaps.

Elie Saab
I do like this nude colour but it can make some girls look so pasty - like this girl. The same colour suits the one below much better. I think it's a blond versus brunette thing.

More Elie.
I noticed quite a few one shouldered dresses around.
Excellent. I love them.

This is Givenchy I think.
Again the pastiness, but it's still cool.

Of course you'd lose the sleeve but I love the low slung kind of swing it has.

This is Givenchy again.
No bride would want to look this puffy but there's something nice about it that could be done.
Also this girl looks very cute and kooky

I have to get draping, obviously!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So a separate nod to Deadwood

Now I've never said I was trendy and my recent discovery of the HBO series Deadwood proves that I'm well behind the times. And maybe one shouldn't admit to a penchant for some of those American dramas. Six Feet Under, Madmen etc but really they can be just so good and perfect fodder for chilling out at night. Around the lunch table at the studio the other day we intellectualised Madmen for the entire repast before we realised what we were doing! Anyway, with most of them my attention usually wanes (Sopranos, Boston Legal) or I forget to watch a couple of episodes (United States of Tara) and that's that, but Deadwood I just adore.

You have to get beyond the constant use of expletives that they spit out at each other and of course the most horrid violence at times. It is the old West after all. Now I finally get the inspiration of the likes of Bonny Prince Billy, Tom Waits and the like. But anyway once you get over all of that then there is the dashing Seth Bullock to gawk at.

As I said perfect night viewing, ladies! He never smiles, see below. It's an illustration but it captures the moodiness of the man. Ha ha.

Where have these types of men gone eh?

Chiffon is a lovely fabric

I'm not sure if one can talk about the beauty of chiffon and how much I love the series Deadwood in the same blog post, but I'm watching the last episode of the first series as I write this so it's impossible to ignore. But as this is about bridal things after all, I will talk exclusively about chiffon.

Seeing as summer is coming up it's the perfect time for thinking of lovely light fabrics with lots of movement. Chiffon is in my opinion much nicer than georgette, it's lighter, more papery and much more diaphanous. And even though it's delicate it's not too precious, it survives the perils of travel and still looks great at the other end.

This is Alex in her silk chiffon dress. It has some tarnished gold lace around the neckline with an assortment of gold and pewter coloured beads for a little Bollywood effect (her description!) and she wears it with great aplomb I think.

See, a little wind swept action

Alex was very beautiful I thought

More movement which looks quite fun doesn't it?

So if anyone is thinking of chiffon, do it I say. It's so breezy and lovely to wear, you'll want to grab the skirt and just cha cha all night long.