Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Windy Wedding

These are my friends Justin and Juliette who were married earlier this year at Tamarama. Actually the weather that day was bizarre, it was suffocatingly hot all day until about half an hour before the wedding and then the most aggressive southerlies blew in. Plan A to get married on the headland was aborted and Plan B took place, which was getting married in the marquee in the garden, overlooking the bay, so still nice. The rain kicked in though and everything got a little wet, but not everyone's spirits so that was important!

I read a passage from Captain Corelli's Mandalin which I think no one could hear (which was actually a relief for me!!) and someone sang a traditional Vietnamese song, a nod to Juliette's heritage.

Her dress was designed to be a modern take on the Cheongsam. The groom gave me instructions for what he thought the dress should be (ie: sexy and tight fitting!) which is not usual of course, but I have known him since I was 15 so that allows him special rights! Although not so special that actually paid any attention to what he said! Juliette is very feminine and quite elegant so even though the dress is still sexy it's soft and has my usual movement thing going on. I think it looked perfect on her and of course he and everyone else loved it.

Which was another relief as Justin is my harshest critic and most of my friends are designers of some kind or another so that's always scary!

The cheongsam part of the bodice is silk tulle and hand dyed French lace in a murderous red

A vintage 1920's parasol

The back was low and you can see how the lace goes

The marquee was really pretty, especially at night

Here comes the windy part!

The dress does look rather fun though

I love all that swirling around

The dress was in gold and latte silk chiffon

Really when it's all said and done, who cares what the weather was like?
You can still be fabulous