Saturday, September 26, 2009

A flower is a splendid thing

I have not had the internet on at home for the last few weeks so posting a blog has been impossible. But I have read quite a few books, cooked many delicious dinners, hand stitched lace on a dress or two, indulged in both The Wire and Madmen, not to mentioned delighted in the bursting forth of life in my garden.... So there was an upside. There just has been no nosing about on the net at all! And although I liked not having it, I missed it too. 

Now that I am here and seeing as spring is in the air and in my garden too, what better things to look at than flowers. I am growing what many real gardeners would probably think of as weeds, but as I'm just a beginner they're all wonderful to me. I can upgrade later.  I have African Violets, Alyssum, pansies, jasmine, wisteria, lillies, a lemon tree, different types of daisies, some natives that I can't remember the names of and that flowering tree that you see everywhere in Sydney. I don't know how to spell it and I can't be bothered to look it up. You know the ones I mean.... bogies! 

Anyway, my friend Mat who directed Victoria Beckham's latest fashion campaign sent me a link to a fantastic wedding site from the states. I'll post it another time as I want to plunder it first before I give it away. It is by far the best one I have seen and it is the only one that I relate to.

Here are some pics of flowers and floral decorations that I found and think are really lovely. All bridal flowers (and those in real life too) should look as if they've been swiped from someone's garden on the way to wherever. Beautiful but not precious. Some bouquets are so tightly bunched that I'm sure one could play tennis with them.

I would love to be having lunch here. 

A close up of the flowers. 

There are lots of interesting flowers in this bunch

Simplicity can be so stylish

Are these flowers straight off the prairie do you think?

A bit more formal, but still nice

I think these are Ranunculus, which some may regard as the poor mans rose, but I think they are just as delicate and mysterious. Worthy of a still life painting by some Renaissance master. I like the berries too.