Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's time for some inspiration

Seeing as so many of my frocks are leaving me around this time of year, I thought I'd put up some ideas to inspire some wedding photography that has some style and whimsy to it. Again plundered from my favourite wedding site. Which I guess I should say is Once Wed for those who care to look. Why don't we have a site like this here I'd like to know.....

Anyway, I've collected a few fun pics to add to the thinking-outside-the-norm fund.

This only works if there are good legs involved of course

Is the photographer likening her skirt to those roots do you think?

I don't like her cardigan but I do like his blue scarf and of course the landscape

It's cute, but she should have shown more purple

This is just a nice hair piece

A nice colour selection

Again, nice colours

This sort of doesn't really work, but the idea is cool

I like her cape.... and why do those dogs always look obscene?

Inspired? ............ I hope so x

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Real Brides - Wedding Pics

I think it's time for some real brides again. Seeing as this is the wedding season. 

This is my bride from earlier in the year - Miss Kim. She was a pretty cool chick who had managed to charm her way into a reservation at El Bulli in Spain. Which if you go to the site and can manage to navigate your way around, you will see that that was no mean feat! I think it was about this time in the year that she should be going, I'm not sure if she took it up. 

Anyway, her dress was made in a silk dupion in quite a lush colour with a jazzy name. I also made her a corset as a lingerie piece for her to wear underneath. The dress was very fitted around the waist and pleated over the bodice. She was a curvy girl and the shape we ended up with was perfect for someone with lush curves like that. A corset can be so good for nipping in the waist and getting the girls up high!

You can't really see all the detailing in the bodice from these pics but judging by that fur wrap it was a brisk evening in Melbourne. They make a stylish couple in my opinion....

 The fabric looks metallic, even though it wasn't 

this card is a good idea isn't it?

I hope everyone had a good long weekend. Mine was great. Two visits to the Opera House for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, a massage, a great bottle of red with some mushrooms flown in especially from France and a walk through the Botanical Gardens in the rain under a huge umbrella. Very nice indeed....