Monday, May 24, 2010

Raquel by the water

One of my oldest and closest friends is moving to France tomorrow. For two years or thereabouts. Somewhere near Bergerac in the Dordogne region, a little hamlet called Lolme. There are only three houses there. They are going to do up an old house and see what happens. I wish I was going too. Well, I am going in September to visit but it would be nice to have an adventure like that. I think France is my spiritual home but Tim doesn't think it is his...... oh well

Anyway, below is my lovely bride Raquel. She got married earlier this year in Manly but it looks a little like St Tropez or somewhere! A bit of Euro up the road, or across the water as it may be.

Her dress is in latte coloured sand washed silk with a fine beaded tulle skirt over the top. Raquel is an artist I think, or maybe she's at art school. She had very specific ideas about her dress and the feeling she wanted. Well, they all do really! She found her own lace and the tulle for the skirt which was actually taken off an existing dress.

She then beaded extra beads and crystals on the bodice once she had taken the dress. Normally we do all that, a bride generally doesn't buy their own lace etc, although from time to time someone does. But Raquel really wanted to do as much as she could herself. So we gave in.

Anyway, she looks lovely and very womanly, volupturous. Which she was!
See? That's a bit Euorpean isn't it?

These types of beaches are not European though

The dress looks lovely here, nice colours

Matching colours

They look glamorous and very relaxed. She's quite beautiful really. Great hair. I always like to imagine some people as being from some other time and she has a 60's beach glamour thing going on. A little bohemian


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