Monday, July 12, 2010

Real Bride Celine

Firstly I have to say that the previous post is not meant to be on this blog. It relates to my search for a country house and it's presence on this blog is testament to my uselessness as a blogger and reader of fine print!!

Oh well!

This post relates to one of my lovely brides Celine, who got married recently. She was a tall, gorgeous and slender woman with a very cute smile. One of the rare girls who can wear a slinky dress well. You have to be tall and have no thighs! Not to mention confident!

She got married at Wylie's Baths which is a great place. I must remember to go there, I haven't been for years.

See, a cute smile. Dad looks proud.

I like veils like this: simple and waspy

The breezy fishtail. Her dress was in heavy silk satin

The front and back necklines were trimmed in a double layer of fine French lace.

The husband looks happy

Looks a bit like a fashion shoot.
Cool pics I think


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  1. this dress is stunning!! do you have any stockists in melbourne?