Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A little sparkle

I love crystal decanters. I love all their different shapes, their heaviness and the way they sparkle in the light. It's a fairly new love and so far we have only one in our (soon to be) collection, which I bought for Tim. Seeing as I'm breast feeding, I'm yet to even sample pouring a glass of whisky from it, but I admire it every evening and it makes me feel kind of flash and glamourous as I sit there, night after night, babe on breast.

I do wish I'd thought to make these decanter lights, but seeing as I didn't I'll admit to not being above nicking the idea and trying it out myself sometime or other. Put it on the list of things to make.

This one looks like a lady and thus kicked off some reference inspiration for a wedding dress for a client. The brief was "princess, cocktail, feminine and a little glamourous"

The dress was silk satin underneath many layers of nylon and silk tulle. The French lace on the bodice and waist area was embellished with crystal beads and dipped in tea to give it a soft vintage feel. The front as you can see was shorter than the back, sitting where the ankle is thinnest. The back sat a little like a peacock! A white peacock!

Pics: Decanter Lights by Lee Broom; Christian Dior 50's Cinderella Fantasy; Christian Dior; Sylvie Guillam; 'Lucky Spot' by Stella McCartney. Photo by Idene; Chandelier by Moonlight_Sunlight_Light; Vintage jewels by Karla's Cottage

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  1. Dear Nina,
    I have presented you with a 'Stylish Blogger Award'.
    Please go to my blog to collect it.
    It was great to see you and your gorgeous ones on the weekend.
    J xo